Tax advice services in Palma de Mallorca

In Fiscontrol we have a department specialized in tax advice for individuals and companies, especially for SMEs and freelance professionals.

We put at your disposal our experts for the study and tax planning for your company, maximizing tax savings and complying with current tax regulations.

We also advise individuals on all matters relating to their tax rights and obligations, whether it is the filing of tax returns, the management of notifications or the filing of appeals and claims.

How will our tax advisors in Palma de Mallorca help you?

  • Preparation of tax returns: Our experts will advise you on everything related to the tax returns you are required to file, whether as an individual, company or self-employed. Fiscontrol's tax advisors specialise in the presentation of VAT, the IRPF declaration, the Transfer Tax, Municipal Capital Gains Tax, the Tax on Economic Activities and Intra-Community Operations.
  • Inheritance and donation tax: In cases of inheritance, it is important to have an expert in tax matters to advise you on the best way to process it. Our advisors will explain the different procedures to follow and will help you to present the necessary documentation.
  • Representation in tax inspection proceedings: Our tax advisors can act as legal representatives for your company or for you as an individual in tax inspection proceedings.
  • Appeals and claims: We help you to file appeals and claims related to tax matters against different resolutions of the tax office with which you do not agree.
  • Management of postponements and other collection procedures: In those cases in which you wish to carry out a tax deferral, we help you with everything related to the management of the application.
  • Management of electronic notifications: We help you to manage the electronic notification system of the Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria) so that you can carry out any tax procedure from your home or office.
  • Sending of information to the clients of all the tax novelties: In addition, we make sure that the clients of Fiscontrol are always up to date with the novelties of the law, and we periodically inform about any resolution that may affect them.

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