Advice to non-residents

Legal advisory services for non-residents in Palma de Mallorca

At Fiscontrol we have a team of professionals to advise you on economic, accounting, tax and legal-commercial matters for non-residents.

Our legislation contemplates some differences when dealing with individuals resident in Spain and people who, for different reasons, are considered non-residents. One of the most common cases is when you are living in another country and, at the same time, you are obtaining economic returns in Spain.

In this and other cases it is important to have the advice of an expert to help you understand your situation and advise you when submitting the appropriate tax returns.

On the other hand, we also help foreigners in all types of economic and fiscal procedures when they settle in Spain.

How will our advisors for non-residents in Palma de Mallorca help you?

  • Preparation of tax returns for non-residents: If you are obtaining economic returns in Spain while you are living in another country, you should know that the tax returns you must file are different from those of a resident. Our advisors can help you prepare and file your IRPF and other taxes.
  • Real estate investment advice: We have experts in real estate investment for foreigners who will advise you when making an investment in our territory.
  • NIE processing: If you have come to live in Spain, you must have an identification number. In our office we can help you process the Foreign Identity Number (NIE).

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Advice to non-residents

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