Financial and accounting advice

Economic, financial and accounting advisory services in Palma de Mallorca

In Fiscontrol we have a department specialized in consulting and economic advice for SMEs and freelance professionals.

Our financial advisors will help you prepare a complete economic-financial plan for your company, and will recommend the best practices that will allow you to take full advantage of the tax benefits provided by current legislation.

How will our financial advisors in Palma de Mallorca help you?

Our financial advisory department offers you the following services:

  • Feasibility plans: We help you elaborate a complete viability plan for your company, contemplating all possible economic and financial scenarios. With this consultancy, our experts will help you determine if your project is viable.
  • Valuation of companies: Do you need to know the real economic value of your company? In our office we carry out studies in which we determine the economic value of a company or business. 
  • Bookkeeping: As an agency, we also offer bookkeeping services for SMEs and the self-employed. Don't worry about the accounting management of your company and leave it in the hands of our experts.
  • Preparation of annual accounts: We take care of preparing the annual accounts of the company, either to make a year-end closing or for the start of business activity.
  •  Legalization of accounting books: We help you to update the accounting books of your company in order to comply with the law, both in terms of content and deadlines.

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Financial and accounting advice

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