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In 1985, my partner and I founded Fiscontrol Assessors with an exceptional team of experts.

In the current dynamic environment, business changes are inevitable, so we decided to start a new phase separately,with the same human team as until now.

We have created a new project: FISCONTROL TAX CONSULTORS. In it,with a new generation of consultants, Luis Garau and Lourdes Garau,are committed to maintaining the legacy entrusted to them, sharing the same values.

Our hallmark is the desire to keep learning and growing through constant training. We aim at offering our customers a high-quality service and comprehensive care according to their needs, always in line with new times and regulations.

FISCONTROL TAX CONSULTORS has extensive experience in the practice of law and legal advice within a society that is constantly evolving and changing. For this, we want to build trust towards our customers. Our purpose is to reflect a high commitment to your needs by working together and by helping you to find the most suitable solutions in every situation.

In order to do this, we offer different services focused on all sectors and specialties.

Miguel Garau Amengual

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